Goettsch Partners, through a progression of leadership transitions, traces its roots to 1938 when Mies van der Rohe established his design practice in Chicago

Mies’ work in America served as the inspiration for a new generation of modernists, loosely defined as the Second Chicago School

The First Chicago School, led by such luminaries as Louis Sullivan, Dankmar Adler, Daniel Burnham and William LeBaron Jenney, explored new construction technologies like the steel frame, creating a unique spatial aesthetic that, in turn, paralleled—and even influenced—developments in early European Modernism.

Today GP strives to continue that tradition, looking to the science of materials and craft of construction to inform the great challenges of our age. 

In our own work, we strive for a synthesis of art and craft through construction, for clarity of purpose and achieving designs that possess their own inspired simplicity.


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