Lawrence C. Weldon


Larry Weldon is a partner in the firm and the leader of the Enclosures Group, an in-house specialty group focused on all aspects of exterior building enclosures and systems. With his in-depth technical knowledge, he also oversees the firm’s quality assurance and quality control program, ensuring the clarity and consistency of the firm’s design drawings and the integrity of their development throughout the design process.

Given Mr. Weldon’s wide-ranging role in the firm, he is involved in some aspect of nearly every assignment. His expertise in curtain walls, in particular, is sought worldwide, as he has reviewed drawings by the firm, as well as by other architects, to assure proper detailing in order to mitigate building construction and maintenance issues. His focus has become increasingly important in contemporary architecture, as curtain wall and related building enclosure systems constantly change and can be a vital part of designs that are not just visually distinctive and beautiful but also optimally efficient and effective.

Mr. Weldon received a Bachelor of Science degree in architecture from the Illinois Institute of Technology in 1977. That same year, he joined Fujikawa Conterato Lohan Associates, direct successor to Mies van der Rohe’s practice and predecessor to Goettsch Partners. He started on the drafting tables and in the model shop, where he learned the minute details of building techniques and their use in expressive design. Over time, his technical interest sparked the development of an in-house group comprising architects and technical administrative staff that review all drawings for technical detailing and detailed specifications. Today, Mr. Weldon is a world-recognized expert in construction technologies, and his role is a safeguard against inefficiencies and failures in building performance.

Mr. Weldon is a member of the AIA and the Chicago Committee on High Rise Buildings. He was also actively involved in the recent review of the Chicago Building Code.