The sound and reasoned resolution of design detailing, especially the exterior envelope of a structure, is fundamental to every design’s success. At Goettsch Partners we have taken this dedication to a new level with our Enclosures practice.

The Enclosures practice comprises licensed design professionals with applied expertise in materials, detailing and building enclosure design. This experience ranges from curtain wall design and exterior enclosure systems to interior building materials and systems, and involves new construction, existing building modifications, renovations, drawing reviews, materials research, detailing and specifications.  

As a core component of our broader practice, all project contract documentation is reviewed for quality and content by the Enclosures team. All architectural and interior specifications are also written as an integrated part of the design and detailing by members of the Enclosures team. Based on the group's significant technical knowledge, they further lead the ongoing training of our design staff through in-house seminars, quality assurance meetings and technical training internships.

Members of the Enclosures practice are recognized as industry experts, speaking publicly on building enclosure systems to architectural, engineering and academic groups internationally. In addition, members of our Enclosures team periodically author technical books on specific design and construction issues.

The Enclosures team’s expertise, knowledge and reputation for excellence are unique in our profession and bring a value-added benefit to each of the firm's projects.