At Goettsch Partners, we approach each project with the collective commitment to align our creativity, skills and experience to invent design solutions of the highest quality.    

We also believe that each project is unique. Therefore, our work is not part of a pre-determined aesthetic.  Rather, each project is seen as a specific problem whose resolution is grounded in the design opportunity itself.

 At GP we measure the excellence of our work by the degree to which we achieve the following:

  • Proactively engage our client’s objectives.
  • Positively influence the context in which our work resides.
  • Consistently develop our conceptual thinking with a high degree of clarity and purpose.
  • Materially improve upon the experience and abilities of our staff from the collaboration.

In order for our work to be truly relevant, we must first engage our client’s objectives. We search for ways in which design can realize these objectives that exceed our client’s expectations. 

That search depends upon a constant curiosity that leads to investigating innovative new materials, utilizing dynamic new technologies and inventing new design methodologies tailored to each opportunity.



Design is an art form that engages both the public and private realms. Buildings by their sheer presence alter their environment. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that this change be a positive one. 

Our work impacts not only its immediate environment but the broader urban condition as well.  It is our obligation to enable others to participate and engage in this dialogue. 

Context also means being mindful of our responsibilities as environmental stewards and to bring to each project the appropriate level of sustainable design technologies and thinking.

At GP, we feel the diverse aspects of a project's context enrich the design solutions we create.



In order for a design to transcend transient styles, it must possess a character that is true to its purpose.

In our work, we derive design solutions from the inherent features of the program and context. To achieve this, design and construction details flow from the nature of the materials and procedures employed to construct the design.  

The clarity and rigor of the concept drives the creation of designs of superior aesthetic and functional quality, inventing places that fulfill their purpose and elevate the senses.



Design is an act of constant experimentation and exploration. At GP, the progression of our work is tied to the rate that our staff is learning and expanding their abilities. 

To this end, we actively structure our project processes to leverage the perspective and experience of the entire project team including our client, engineers, contractors, manufacturers and specialists.

We also utilize the best collaboration and visualization technologies available to explore each design’s optimum potential. 

In order to ensure our clients that we will always lead in the execution of our craft, we invest deeply in ongoing training, education and in new design tools, materials and processes. 

This commitment enables us to constantly raise the quality and caliber of our design work. 

Ultimately, this is the truest measure of design excellence.