Aviva-Grandjoy Qianhai Towers

Shenzhen, China

The two-tower Aviva-Grandjoy Qianhai complex is located in the rapidly developing Qianhai district of Shenzhen, China. The 200-meter Grandjoy Asia Pacific Tower will serve as the headquarters for Grandjoy’s Asia Pacific group, while the 180-meter Aviva-Grandjoy Financial Tower will provide space for the Aviva-Grandjoy Life Insurance Company.

Nearly twins, each tower is composed of several slender bars that step back to reveal a series of internal atria and a sky terrace in the upper zones. The tower facades are defined by large, distinct frames and curtain walls that accentuate the buildings’ verticality. The main façade on each tower is slightly angled to enhance occupant views and maximize the view corridor between the two towers. The high-performance curtain walls are designed to remediate Shenzhen’s climate by providing external solar shading and natural ventilation, with operable windows hidden behind perforated metal panels to reduce any visual disturbance on the overall façade.

Connected directly to the city’s extensive pedestrian and public transportation system, the Grandjoy site serves as a neighborhood hub, linking the green belt to the east with nearby office towers. Both exterior and interior paths allow public access, resulting in a unified urban experience between the neighborhood green spaces.

The upper zone of the east tower is reserved expressly for Grandjoy headquarters, while the upper zone of the west tower will accommodate multiple tenants. The interior is designed to allow for flexibility and provide ample social space to promote employee interaction and an open exchange of ideas. A large internal atrium connects the social zones on each floor, creating a continuous open space from the main lobby up to the sky terrace. At the top of each tower, the large, 300-square-meter sky terrace offers a spectacular outdoor amenity space.