Poly Business Center

Shunde, China

The 200-meter, 45-story Poly Business Center creates a critical venue and focal point for the business district in Shunde, China. Designed as an elegant and sophisticated addition to the skyline, the tower provides valuable Class A office space located close to cultural and government facilities.

The tallest structure in the area, the efficient, modern tower integrates features of the local culture into a unique architectural expression. Inspired by the “pinwheel” motifs commonly found in regional screens and paving, pinwheel-patterned perforated screens extend the full height of the tower to provide shading and conceal fresh-air ventilation systems throughout all the offices. These screens, in conjunction with automated energy controls, high-performance glazing and vertical shading devices, create an energy-efficient skin that also provides floor-to-ceiling glass for all office users and results in an environmentally responsible building.

At the base, the tower is seated at the head of a ceremonial garden. The four-sided lobby is designed to engage the landscape, blurring the distinction between interior and exterior space while intuitively segregating vehicular and pedestrian circulation around the perimeter of the building.

On top of the structure, a multistory winter garden offers unobstructed panoramic views of the surroundings. Lit at night, this signature space becomes a glowing beacon that provides identity for the Shunde business district.