Puliman Skyscraper and Commercial Complex

Jinan, China

Rising from the earth like one of the 72 famous hot springs, the Puliman Skyscraper and Commercial Complex reaches for the sky like a geyser and powerfully anchors the complex at its most urban corner. As if reacting to the strength of the tower, the retail podium ripples across the site like a skipped stone, slowly receding into the site on its way toward Wulongtan Park and the city center.

The building design is inspired by the natural hot springs of the city of Ji’nan. Water forms a central idea to the project not only in form and articulation but also in operation and the way it relates to the environment. The elegant triangular tower is cloaked in a repetitive pattern of metal fins which create a wave like articulation across the façade. The fins serve to shade the facade as well as catch light and cast shadow as the sun moves around the building. This movement creates a shimmering affect across the building, much like the shimmering of light along the surface of water.

Programmatically, the 270m triangular tower encompasses both the office and service apartment programs. The office function occupies the lower two-thirds of the building. Office floor plates are designed to be efficient and flexible with column free spans from core to glass. Articulating the corners are social green spaces which allow daylight to penetrate deeper into the floor plate while naturally filtering the air through living green walls. The service apartments occupy the upper third of the building, offering multiple unit layouts while providing ample natural light and dramatic views to residents. Culminating the tower top, a winter sky garden is provided as an amenity to reinterpret Ji’nan’s hot springs as an oasis in the sky. This garden becomes an iconic destination which draws visitors to the top of the tower to bask in the views and soak in the glow of the city.

A 3-dimensional park defines the retail function at the base of the tower by sloping from grade up to the second level. Formed like water pools from the famous Ji’nan fountains, a series of open-air event spaces enliven the commercial development and encourage pedestrian activity. The park serves a functional purpose as well by filtering the neighboring towers grey-water across a constructed wetland and providing naturally clean water for the complex. This harmonious integration of water and facility is a central component of the architectural design as well as the sustainable approach to this site.