Tribune Tower East

Chicago, Illinois, USA

This luxury mixed-use development is located on a prime site in downtown Chicago adjacent to the historic Tribune Tower on Michigan Avenue and is designed to be among the tallest buildings in the city. The project includes condominiums, apartments and a five-star hotel, along with supporting amenities.

The new tower takes its initial design cues from the existing Tribune building, with its overall tower massing rising from a podium and utilizing chamfered corners, which help address wind loads. A folded plan on the east and west facades of the tower accentuates the verticality of the building and helps break down the massing. A series of 15-foot cantilevered terraces on the tower further provide a sense of scale and detail befitting a residential building.

Given the project’s overall height, an emphasis on views is paramount, especially on the upper condominium floors. Condo units are entered through a generous foyer, with direct views outside. All of the living-dining areas, as well as the master bedrooms, are positioned at the corners, with the exception of two-bedroom units. Condo units also feature the cantilevered terraces, which further expand views of the city and the lake.