150 Media Stream

Chicago, Illinois, USA

Inside the 150 North Riverside office tower in Chicago, a multimedia wall is designed as an audiovisual installation that showcases curated, site-specific art pieces and creates a dynamic atmosphere for the building lobby and surroundings. A total of 150 feet long and up to 22 feet tall, the installation includes 89 LED blades that vary in height and width. 

The blades are arranged to create a pattern that relates to the geometry of the elevator lobby openings and view corridors. Vertically, the blades vary in height to create an undulating horizon line that helps blur the boundary between the transparent lobby enclosure and opaque wall below. The narrowest blade is three inches wide, and the blades step in three-inch increments, up to 15 inches at the widest. The blades float in front of an etched-mirror-glass wall glazed to a narrow tube frame that supports the blades and organizes the wiring connections to the backbone cabling housed in a cavity space behind. The front face of the video blade is an array of 3” x 3” LED circuit boards with a three-millimeter-dot pitch, making up a jumbo display of 15,360 x 2,160 pixels. The interior of the two-inch-deep extruded aluminum blades houses all necessary electronic equipment, wiring, structural cross connections, and speakers. 

The full canvas for the media wall includes the positive space of the individual blades and the negative space in between. This sculptural quality enhances the lobby experience and is a dynamic surface for ever-changing media art.