CBS2 Broadcast Center

Chicago, Illinois, USA

Anchoring the corner of a full-block mixed-use complex, CBS Broadcasting showcases a new state-of-the-art broadcast center for its local affiliate, WBBM-TV/CBS 2 Chicago, with a streetfront studio facing Chicago’s landmark Daley Plaza.

CBS 2 occupies the building's first five floors, comprising approximately 100,000 square feet. The street-front studio enables crowds to watch live local news broadcasts as well as other locally produced programs. The studio's corner features CBS 2 Weather Control, showcasing the latest weather tracking technology.  The facility is Chicago’s first all-digital, HD-ready facility, utilizing the most up-to-date broadcast technology. In addition to a streetfront studio, a separate production studio with a dedicated control room and green rooms provides for production of large, long-form programming.

Drawing inspiration from the news gathering process and the proportional dynamics of the 16:9 high-definition broadcast “frame,” the design’s planning embraces the emphasis on the horizontal, sequential nature of storytelling. The project is also inspired by the interrelationship between complementary narratives, the central dynamic of broadcast journalism.

The design embraces the improvisational aspects of collaboration with an emphasis on transparency and visual connection. Glass facades and strategically positioned glazed openings in interior offices and control rooms with low-height open office workstations maximize accessibility to the available light and view corridors. Additionally, a two-story opening visually links the newsroom operations with the sales staff on different levels of the facility.