Cedar Tower


Submitted as part of an international design competition, this project considers a mixed-use tower located on a site in western Switzerland. The program includes both office and residential functions, with a focus on providing a variety of apartments.

The tower and its annex building are positioned in direct relationship to the main square and intended as the focal point of the development. A park located to the north will create a buffer between the low-rise residential buildings, and the public plaza and square and will become an important amenity to the overall development.

The podium volume relates to the angular context of the surrounding structures. The office floors rotate to align with the tower volume that is oriented to give all apartments exceptional views of the lake and mountains.

Alternating sky gardens arranged around the center atrium create inviting amenity spaces for the apartment and office functions. Different types of vegetation, green walls and a variety of amenity programs will create vibrant spaces that offer incredible views of the surroundings.

On the ground level, the volume of the tower podium and the annex building create a dynamic outdoor plaza space that is linked through the annex building to the main square.