Grand Hyatt Bogotá

Bogotá, Colombia

The Grand Hyatt Bogotá is positioned as the central jewel within the planned 18-building Ciudad Empresarial Sarmiento Angulo commercial complex. Located along Avenida El Dorado midway between the airport and the historic city center, the hotel is designed to both integrate with its context as well as provide a platform from which the beauty of Bogotá can be observed against the backdrop of the Monserrate mountainscape. Intended to be the finest hotel in the city, the property features 372 rooms, more than 2,850 square meters of meeting and event space, two signature restaurants, a bar and coffee shop, as well as a fitness center, pool and full-service spa. A rooftop helipad provides access for visiting dignitaries and other special guests.

The hotel base is a three-story, hourglass-shaped podium that reflects the internal arrangement of the amenity programs. Forming a boundary between the internal paseo of the Ciudad Empresarial and the adjacent neighborhood, the podium is clad in warm stone, wood, metal and glass to reflect its surroundings. The main hotel lobby is located at the narrowest point of the podium, creating a transparent connecting link from the paseo to the adjoining neighborhood beyond. Outdoor dining and large gathering spaces are located along the paseo façade to create an active and inviting atmosphere for the hotel.

Rising from the podium base, the 70-meter-tall elliptical tower is designed to contrast with the rectilinear office towers of the surrounding complex. The curving façade creates a symbolic center to the complex while gesturing toward the city center and opening up views from the guestrooms to downtown. The taut, reflective glass façade symbolizes the arrival of the modern and progressive city of Bogotá. Capping the tower is an indoor-outdoor restaurant and bar that provide expansive views back to the city center as well as the surrounding mountainside.

Taking advantage of the ideal local weather conditions, the hotel is sustainably designed to respond to its context. A central atrium within the elliptical tower allows fresh air to naturally move through the public spaces, rising through the atrium and out of the building through specially designed ventilators at the perimeter of the uppermost skylight. Operable windows are integrated throughout the project to allow temperate air into the building, increasing the comfort of the hotel guests and minimizing the overall energy use of the project. Façade materials were carefully selected to provide optimal performance specifically for Bogotá’s climate, leading to an 18% reduction in energy use and a LEED Silver rating.