Guangxi China Resources Tower

Nanning, China

Located in Nanning, China, the capital of the Guangxi Province, the 403-meter Guangxi China Resources Tower is sited along Minzu Avenue at the heart of the burgeoning Fengling District. The mixed-use tower is linked to public transportation through underground connections at the B1 level, and to adjacent buildings through indoor and outdoor pedestrian corridors at the ground and sixth floors respectively. Upon completion, the tower will be the tallest building in Nanning.

The design of the tower is derived from its multiple uses, which include more than 170,000 square meters of Class A office space, nearly 6,000 square meters of retail, and a 336-key Shangri-La hotel. The massing of the building steps and tapers to accommodate the changing floor plates of the various program types, resulting in a form that is both efficient and identifiable.

The angled geometries of the facades are designed to reinforce the crystalline form while celebrating the tower’s verticality. Entirely encased in floor-to-ceiling, high-performance glass, the exterior enclosure features integrated sunshades that offer added solar control while maintaining ample natural light without obstructing views. Designed to LEED-CS Gold standards, the high-performance façade is one of many features holistically integrated toward reducing the project’s environmental footprint while providing a world-class level of comfort and quality.