Poly International Finance Center Planning

Guangzhou, China

Poly International Finance Center (Poly IFC) is a large-scale office development spanning two parcels in the Huadu central business district (CBD) in Guangzhou, China. Fronting a large civic plaza and straddling a linear park running through the Huadu CBD, the 273,300-square-meter project is anchored by four towers and features 12 independent office “villas” designed to provide an intimate scale that is unusual for a development of this size.

The two southernmost towers create a gateway to the new CBD and provide an identifiable backdrop for the adjacent civic plaza. The office villas feature a variety of small footprints that step from two stories on the park side to four at the perimeter. Terraces with landscaping occupy each step, extending the park and effectively integrating it visually into the buildings themselves. Pedestrian bridges on the second and third floors connect the office villas, facilitating social interactions both horizontally and vertically throughout the development, emphasizing an organic environment with a human focus.

Designed to achieve a China Green Building 2-Star rating, the development showcases direct connections to mass transit, timeless material selections, high-performance building systems, and abundant green roofs in addition to the optimized site organization.