Shenzhen 800 Landmark Tower

Shenzhen, China

The proposed 800-meter mixed-use tower in Shenzhen is intended to create a global landmark for the fastest growing metropolis in China. The bold design announces the city’s status as a technology and financial hub, while eclipsing the height of all other structures in neighboring Hong Kong, Macau and Guangzhou. Located at the heart of the Luohu district, the project both physically and spiritually marks the center of Shenzhen, dating from its origins as an ancient village to the modern day megacity.

The massing for the tower is composed of a series of “structural tubes” that taper and step in height as the building rises from the center of the famed Luohu mountain range. At their peaks, each tube is sculpted to create a blossoming effect, signifying the growth of the city as well as the broader region.  The last occupiable floor is 740 meters in air and will serve as the world’s tallest observation deck when complete.

The 140-story tower is composed of Class A office space, a five-star hotel, luxury residential units, and boutique retail, in addition to the public observation deck. The overall massive development includes a large urban park and nearly 30 additional buildings, many of which will be residential and commercial projects that leverage the impact of the megatall tower.