1010 Church

Nashville, Tennessee, USA

In 2021, the YMCA of Nashville opened an RFP process for an addition and renovation of their existing downtown facility, along with an opportunity to develop a portion of the site separately for a larger program. The one-acre parcel is located just east of the Nashville Amazon headquarters and north of the Nashville Yards development along the Church Street corridor. GP collaborated with developer Giarratana to conceive the winning design, with a proposal for a five-story YMCA addition at the corner of Church Street and YMCA Way, and an adjacent 60-story, 750-foot-tall multifamily residential tower, including 360 apartments, 140 condominiums and associated amenities, and a 517-space parking garage.

The tower is positioned on the site to maintain view corridors on all four sides and maintain distance from the new Amazon headquarters and Alcove and 801 Church towers. By differentiating the base, shaft and top of the building, the design personifies the tower as a citizen of the city.

The building form is envisioned as a series of faceted surfaces. Different angles of the glass façade reflect light in multiple directions and create a distinct visual identity of the building in the skyline.

The ground floor consists of a 30-foot-tall clear-glass lobby facing Church Street and a circular-drive porte cochere that creates a dramatic entrance, emphasizing the style and sophistication of the building. The culmination of the building form is the “crown”—a series of triangular glass surfaces that create a diamond shape and are reserved for the top four floors, including the most exclusive residences.

There are more than 25,000 square feet of world-class amenities on levels 9 and 40 and a large, open deck with a pool and outdoor activity program. The building is also pursuing LEED Silver certification.